Shabanie players yet to receive Sup8r bonuses


HARARE – Shabanie Mine players are yet to get their share of the BancABC  Sup8r Cup prize money almost a month after winning the Supr8 Cup, the Daily News has established.

The Midlands-based team beat town rivals FC Platinum 3-2 after penalties in a derby final played at Mandava Stadium to pocket a whopping $120 000.

The players were promised half the prize money, $60 000, after staging a boycott before the final.

“We are going about our business as usual but the truth about the matter is that we haven’t been paid a single cent from the BancABC win,” said one player who requested anonymity.

“We feel that there’s no purpose in reminding the executive about their pledge because that is what made us fulfil the final fixture. The only problem however, is that they haven’t been forthcoming and no one knows where and when we are going to receive our own share if ever we are going to receive anything.”

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