People speak on beer price hike


HARARE – “It’s an outrage.” That was the feeling of many beer drinking Zimbabweans after a 30 percent price increases that became effective yesterday.

The price of a 375ml brown bottle went up to $0,90c from $0,80c, while 340ml green bottles are now retailing at $1 from $0,80c.

Brown bottle quarts now sell at $1,75c from $1,55c, while green 660ml bottles are now priced at $1,80 up from $1,75.

Although many drinkers were upset over the price increase, the majority were willing to accept it as a necessary evil.

Amid the hike, Daily News reporter Lloyd Mbiba spoke to imbibers around Harare about their take on the latest increase.

David Rusike

“This is not fair. Why are they behaving like we are still in the Zimbabwean dollar era?

“Was the increase motivated by the rise in inflation? They should tell us why they increased the beer prices. Most of the beer sold is locally-manufactured, so we want to know what really triggered the increase.”

Alexander Mutsvaire

“When prices of commodities shoot up, the increase is usually motivated by the rise in fuel prices.

“The fuel prices did not increase and we wonder what made the beer prices rise. They should not abuse their monopoly to unnecessarily increase beer prices. We are not fools because we can go and buy our beer from South Africa."

“If they are not careful, they will bring business to us as we will import beer from South Africa and sell it here in Zimbabwe at a cheaper price.”

Howard Garepi

“I am surprised that beer prices have gone up.  When a company has a monopoly that’s what happens.
“The government needs to stop this because I tell you they will continue increasing prices until beer becomes out of our reach.”

Joseph Mutsungwe

“I sell beer and the move has cut into my profits. I used to get 20 cents from a pint of brown bottle but now with the increase, my profit is 10 cents. So at the end of the day, I am the one at the receiving end."

“We will wait and see what happens but I foresee us who operate sports bars increasing the price of beer so that we make reasonable profits.”

Wonder Mukungutu

“I am not happy with the increases. When you increase the price of beer you explain the motivating factors. As such it is wrong to unilaterally increase beer price. Most people were failing to buy beer before it increased and I shudder to think what will happen now with the increase.”

Edmond Nyamukunda

“As imbibers we cannot have beer price increase when we are going for Christmas. This is wrong as it will mean we will have a boring festive season.”

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