Lundi bogus music promoter exposes self


HARARE – Bogus music promoters should desist from the habit of taking Zimbabweans for granted.

The promoter of the failed Lundi Tyamara Harare Gardens concert, Beauty James failed to account for Tyamara’s no show.

The controversial South African gospel artiste was billed to perform in Harare on Saturday where he was expected to share the stage with upcoming gospel artistes such as Mathias Mhere and ZimPraise choir among others.

Considering the youthful promoter’s conflicting statements about the entire concert, it is clear that she knew well before the event that Lundi was not coming and she only used him to attract the huge crowd of unassuming Zimbabweans.

While she was marketing the concert she told the Daily News that she would make sure that the self-confessed gay artiste will jet into the country a week before.

“Lundi is coming in time for the show and everything has been sorted out,” she said then.

While speaking to the Daily News a day before the event James confirmed Lundi’s arrival in town.

“Lundi arrived yesterday and as I am speaking right now he is sleeping at his hotel although he is not feeling well.

“He was complaining of a minor headache but however I do not think this is going to affect the show,” said the 27-year-old promoter adding that she is awaiting the arrival of a few of Lundi’s band members.

While the concert was in progress the promoter gave local media contradicting statements saying changes in flight schedule affected the artiste’s journey.

“Lundi was supposed to land in the country today (Saturday) at 5pm and we were expecting him to start performing at 6pm, but his plane was delayed so he failed to make it for the event,” she said.

“We stopped him boarding the plane after we had problems in logistics since he would arrive after the show,” she told local media.

Responding to the Daily News about the development, the promoter piles the blame on her manager.

“Yah, you know, I was only communicating to Lundi through my manager who falsely told me that Lundi was already in the country.

“I was also busy since I was part of the performing artistes on the event, so I do not know what I can say to the people of Zimbabwe about the situation,” she said adding that she was also disappointed by the fact that some of her members in her team were found selling beer yet it was a gospel concert.

“I do not have much to say but even me, I was not happy by what happened, you know people went wild, selling beer and stuff,” she said.

Promoters should learn to respect Zimbabweans, if you want to promote music make sure you do so in good faith not just for the love of money.

Judging from contradicting statements she gave to the media it seems both Lundi and James, the director of the newly-formed music promotion company Beauty Africa Promotions, knew this development from the onset.
For interest’s sake James and Lundi have been in good books for more than 10 years and the controversial singer used to compose songs for James who is also a singer.


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