Harare mayor wants councillors to declare assets


HARARE – Harare Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni is pushing all councillors to declare their assets to stem corruption.

The emergence of “bling” culture among councillors has prompted soul-searching in the MDC-led council.

Manyenyeni told the Daily News yesterday that his new team, comprising of 38 MDC councillors and seven Zanu PF councillors — must tell the nation what they have now before they start their term.

“It is something that is worth doing and good for public leaders, I am willing to declare my assets and do so for the benefit of those who follow me,” he said.

Allegations of corruption against councillors have dominated the previous council with pressure groups accusing councillors of amassing wealth during their tenure in council despite getting into office with nothing.

“It helps the public to check on their councillors and see if indeed they are working and how they are acquiring wealth,” Manyenyeni said.

“It is one of the things that I will push through dialogue with other councillors.”

Local government minister Ignatius Chombo fired six councillors in the previous term over corruption-related charges.

The gap between the ruling class and the ruled widened, creating uncomfortable disparities between the rulers and those being ruled.

Among those fired was deputy mayor, Emmanuel Chiroto, who was accused of building a 23-roomed double storey house in Harare without clear explanations as to where he got the funds.

When Chiroto was voted into council in 2008, he was staying in a modest house in the high density suburb of Hatcliffe.

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