Biggie Tembo Jnr set to ‘take off’


HARARE – Biggie Tembo Junior, son to the late Simbimbino singer is set to celebrate his 25th birthday next month with the release of a second album.

Over the years Tembo Jnr was struggling to take off and at one point thought of quitting his musical career to pursue other lucrative projects, but thanks to his new manager Tendai Hangazha a lawyer by profession who encouraged him to forge ahead.

“This is the time for Biggie to take off; I intervened in his band affairs after I noticed a number of loopholes in his management style.

“He is equally talented just like his late father but he was struggling in the showbiz mainly because of poor management,” he said adding that his vision is to uplift Tembo Junior.

“While he can play well on stage, that is not enough. Music needs strong and powerful management of which to me is not a problem. I do not want him to seek for employment but to take music as a profession,” he said.

Hangazha’s first assignment is to market the album to be released next month.

“Plans for the launch are underway and I want it to be not just an ordinary event but a big one.

“Jiti Jive music is a brand on its own and I know soon people will rekindle their love with the genre,” he said.

Tembo’s debut album was recorded at Gramma Records and is titled Rwendo. It was released in 2010 but failed to attract much attention in the music industry mainly due to poor marketing.

“The second album which is still to be named was recorded at Diamond Studios and I hope this time it will make it,” said Hangazha.

Tembo ventured into the music industry after he was inspired by his father who died while he was only seven years old.

His father’s group was among the first black groups to perform overseas in continents such as Europe among others.

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