Zim cricketer fears life, rape threats


BULAWAYO – Zimbabwe cricket star Sean Williams claims death and rape threats have been directed at him and his girlfriend Chantelle Dexter through Facebook.

The 27-year-old all-rounder from Bulawayo, who recently signed a new central contract with Zimbabwe Cricket, pleaded with followers of a Zimbabwean cricket Facebook forum, Zim Cricket Talks, to help him deal with the stalker, named Alberto Rodriquez. 

Posted Williams: “Hi everyone if anybody knows a person that goes by the name of Alberto Rodriguez please let me know as ye has been sending rape and death threats to my girlfriend and myself. Your help will be greatly appreciated if you know him or his whereabouts.”

Messages of support poured in from page followers, with Taffie Tafadzwa Gorogodo writing:

“Do not respond to him, ignore it and live your life. You are a high profile player, such things can happen but you will not be harmed. Can you also enhance your facebook security features, I realised I can access your photos even though we are not facebook friends and they lead me straight to your girl-friend. So change your settings such that only your friends can access them mate.”

Williams is dating Bulawayo hockey player Chantelle.

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