Ruwa promises uninterrupted water supply from January


HARARE – A long-awaited project set to ease Ruwa water woes is nearing completion, with  Pinias Mushayavanhu, the town chairman, promising ratepayers uninterrupted water supply starting January.

Mushayavanhu said the project, which has been on the cards for years, was now in its final stages and would be commissioned soon.

“Ruwa has been having perpetual water problems because of its history,” Mushayavanhu said.

“Historically, Ruwa has been supplied water by Harare but because the council cannot fulfil its local requirements, it is no longer selling any water to us.

“So we were forced, during the last tenure, to go into partnership to build a plant. We had to go to government to ask for funds and we were given a public sector investment programme loan amounting to $3,5 million which we invested in the Norah Valley Water project.

“In three months’ time, water will be flowing in Ruwa more than it has flowed before. Currently, the project is 99 percent complete.”

Though the steadily-growing town now hosts about 70 000 people.

“As a fall-back position we had drilled boreholes in every ward, in fact there are 10 boreholes but we have nine wards but those are just stop-gap measures,” Mushayavanhu said, adding that with the new plant, his board would be able to generate cash by selling surplus to water-starved Harare city.

“Upon the project’s completion, capacity will increase to 20 mega litres a day against Ruwa’s current need of 10 megalitres a day,” Mushayavanhu said.

“Negotiations are underway to sell the excess 10 megaliters to Harare’s eastern suburbs as an income generating project for Ruwa.”

The current treatment plant can pump 5 megalitres but it has been treating 2,5 megalitres because of lack of raw water.

Only Zimre Park has been getting its water from Harare while the rest has been supplied by the current treatment plant.

“There have been delays in completing the project because the loan disbursements have been so inconsistent due to the cash flow environment in government,” he said.

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