Oppose life presidency


HARARE – President Robert Mugabe has taken the reins of power and this means he will undoubtedly rule Zimbabwe for the rest of his life, just like what Ian Smith planned to do.

Zanu PF legislators are repeating the mantra that this must happen, pushing for a declaration that Mugabe must be life president.

We condemn the Zanu PF MPs’ mendacious treachery, as they are seeking to do all they can to blunt opposition to Mugabe. We are all too busy weeping for what the future holds.

Like we always warned would happen, those who gave Mugabe a chance have only given him the likelihood to consolidate his power.

The people of Zimbabwe are doomed.

Heedless of several warnings, they will repeat the mistakes of the past and once again be destroyed by them.

More and more oblivious of reality and of criticism, Mugabe will grow older and older in power and will crush more and more of the life out of Zimbabwean society.

The MDC, even though it doesn’t have the legislative numbers, has one last chance:  They could stand up and stop this shameless power grab by Zanu PF MPs. If they don’t, the last window will close and Zimbabwe’s fate will be sealed.

We doubt there are enough Zimbabweans left who truly love their country to make such a thing even remotely possible.

This push for a life presidency through Parliament must be outrightly rejected. The consequences will be too ghastly to contemplate.

More and more Zimbabweans will want to leave, and sooner or later the government will have to stop allowing them.

Dissent will be crushed more vigorously, and the secret police will become more and more active.

Limits will be placed on the ways and means that Zimbabweans can communicate, and ever more draconian pressure will be placed on the Internet.

Just last week, authorities passed a statutory instrument legalising official snooping!

And now we face the spectre of a life presidency! This has always been Mugabe’s plan, to rule forever.

Those who failed to oppose the execution of this plan now bear responsibility for its success.

The opposition must step up to the plate and vigorously oppose Mugabe’s obvious effort to become president for life.

We condemn this cowardly, outrageous behaviour of the Zanu PF MPs, and we know that history will come to judge them harshly.

It’s one thing to give a man a five-year mandate and quite another to turn that mandate into an open-ended tenure.

We weep for Zimbabwe.


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