Maid catches dad raping daughter


BULAWAYO – A Coleen Bawn housemaid, Buhlebenkosi Dube, saved a 12-year girl from sexual abuse by her father when she stormed into the bedroom and found  her employer raping his daughter.

The 52-year-old dad, whose identity has been concealed to protect the minor,  was arrested on Saturday after he was caught red-handed by the house maid raping his twelve-year-old daughter in the dead of the night.

According to the house maid, the dad came home around midnight and proceeded straight to his daughter’s bedroom where he raped the minor.

The housemaid said after the father arrived home, she heard a loud scream from the girl’s bedroom.

“He came home late as usual and I could hear him sneak into his daughter’s room,” Dube said.

“I guess he did not think I was still awake, considering the time of the day. I didn’t suspect anything because I thought he did not want to wake her up but after a few minutes I heard the child screaming.

“That is when I rushed to the room only to find him with his pants down raping the little girl while trying to muffle her screams.”

The maid said the dad rushed to pull up his pants and asked her not to say a word about what she had witnessed.

“He promised to hurt me and her daughter if we said a word to anyone about what had happened.

“I could see that her daughter was in pain but there was nothing I could do,” Dube said.

She said the father chased her away to her room.

“That is when I got the chance to jump out of the window and called our neighbours.

“Realising I had alarmed people, he fled the house,” Dube said.

With the help of neighbours, Dube reported the matter to  night patrol police in the neighbourhood and the girl’s father was arrested a few hours later.

The father claimed he was under the influence of alcohol and could not remember raping his daughter, police said.

His daughter confirmed to the police that her father regularly came to her room and raped her while she was sleeping.

The girl was taken to Gwanda Provincial Hospital for examination and doctors proved she was raped, police confirmed.

The father will appear before the Gwanda courts this week facing charges of rape.

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