Tendai Biti talking a lot of sense


EDITOR — In Guthrie Munyuki’s interview with Tendai Biti, published in the October 3 issue, there are some interesting issues that were pointed out.

Love him or hate him, the former Finance minister Biti in the interview has provided logical and common sense answers to the dialogue.

Who will argue against transparency in government and the way it transacts in the diamond industry.
Only the corrupt will see fault in this.

Who will also argue against the use of skilful diplomacy in order for Zimbabwe to be accepted back into the community of nations.

At this point, only power hungry, greedy and those with dictatorial tendencies will want to maintain the status quo.

Clearly Biti, in this piece gave sound technical responses based on informed knowledge.

The newly-appointed Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa should be grateful for this information and should learn from it.

I say this because Biti helped resuscitate the economy which had almost collapsed. There was no fuel, no medicines in clinics, no food in shops, sim cards cost $150 and children were not going to school etc.

Let us wait and see whether Chinamasa is going to deliver since dollarisation stabilised the economy.

Biti has done his part and there was hope when the dollar was introduced so let us give Chinamasa a chance.


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