No Afrika Revenge reunion: Wataffi


HARARE – Afro-fusion vocalist Willis Wataffi, the other half of the now-defunct Afrika Revenge, has ruled out the revival of the once famous band.

The recent return of Wataffi’s former partner Mehluli “Taz” Moyo to the music scene has been interpreted by many as the first step towards the bouncing back of Afrika Revenge.

With calls for the two to reunite getting louder by the day, Wataffi this week quelled any lingering hopes that the popular duo, who split in 2008, will team up again.

“Zimbabwe must move on from the brand Afrika Revenge, and start concentrating on us as individuals (Taz and Willis),” says the former Afrika Revenge vocalist and songwriter. Wataffi, who also claimed during the interview with the Daily News to be delighted with his former band mate’s return to the music scene, says the revival of the award-winning band requires huge investments in time and resources which the two of them cannot muster.

“Taz and I both have pressing personal commitments and there is no way we can come back together to be Afrika Revenge,” Wataffi.

The talented musician admits that Afrika Revenge formed a key part of his life, but the time away from Taz since the band split has helped him cope with the sad chapter.

“I do not miss Afrika Revenge, I have moved on from it and I want everyone to do the same because the chemistry that used to exist between me and Taz is no longer there,” he said. Wataffi says the split of Ilanga which gave birth to Don Gumbo, Andy Brown and Busi Ncube as solo musicians shows that separations are not always counter-productive.

“I know people say we haven`t done much as individuals, but I want them to know that it took us eight years for people to know Africa Revenge. We are both trying to build our individual names and am sure we will get there. People should give us the chance to prove ourselves just as they did to the former members of Ilanga when they began solo careers,” he said.

Afrika Revenge entered the Zimbabwean music scene in 1998 when they released their debut album Afrika Revenge Presents Qaya Musik.

Six years later the duo shared the stage with Senegalese legend Ismael Lo during the Harare International Festival of the Arts (Hifa).

Afrika Revenge won Song of the Year for Wanga, Best Male Artiste, Best Jazz Album, and Best Newcomer at the Zimbabwe Music Awards in 2004 and the Outstanding Album Award for their debut album Afrika Revenge Presents Qaya Musik at the National Arts Merit Awards in 2005.


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