Neighbour accused of witchcraft


HARARE – A Harare woman has dragged her neighbour to court for allegedly claiming that she has been rearing owls within her poultry project.

Winnie Simbi told the court she could no longer stand her neighbour, Reason Chiwanga’s witchcraft accusations and insults, hence applied for a peace order.

“I can no longer stand Chiwanga’s insults and accusations. He calls me a witch and claims that the chickens I keep at my house are owls that I use to bewitch people,” she said.

“He says that I killed my father and that an evil spell has been cast on me that prevents me from getting married. Even his children have no respect and insult me.”

The feud between Chiwanga and Simbi reportedly started when the former’s dogs attacked the latter’s chickens.

The court heard Chiwanga’s dogs were found dead following the incident.

“The beef between these parties started when Chiwanga’s dogs attackedSimbi’s chickens. Soon after the incident, his dogs were found dead,”

Chiwanga’s legal representative told the court.

“She has also assaulted Chiwanga’s children on several occasions and he should have been the one applying for a peace order.”

Chiwanga denied labelling his neighbour a witch but admitted that their relationship was not cordial.

“He agrees that their relationship is sour but denies ever accusing Simbi of any form of witchcraft.

“The two have dragged each other to police stations on several occasions and it is my prayer that a reciprocal peace order be granted,” Chiwanga’s lawyer added.

Presiding magistrate Rebacca Kavhiya granted a reciprocal peace order and advised the two to observe each other’s peace.

“I will grant a reciprocal peace order and it applies to both of you. Go and live in peace,” she said.

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