Man secretly marries second wife


HARARE – A Harare woman who dragged her husband to court for alleged psychological and financial abuse after abandoning their matrimonial home was shocked to learn he had married a second wife.

Moses Mukere was brought before Harare Civil Court by his wife Raida Zambuko who sought a protection order.

Mukere left the court in stitches when he told his wife not to be surprised because he had found a new home.

“I took another wife because she harassed me. I am staying with her now but still contribute to the maintenance of my children.

“She is actually the one who used to harass me. I love her so much I would never insult or lay a hand on her. I left them a house and she even denies me access to it. I am surprised that she is suing for a protection order, maybe it’s just bitterness.”

Zambuko had told the court that her husband sought to evict her from their matrimonial home and neglected providing for his children.

The court heard she was not aware of her husband’s whereabouts who she alleged insulted her whenever he returned home.

“He is very abusive and recently took the house keys’ forcibly. I am afraid he might do anything since he ordered me and the children to leave our home.

“He has not been fending for the children and I have been struggling to provide for them. He always conducts himself violently whenever he comes home.”

Presiding magistrate Rebecca Kavhiya granted the protection order and advised Mukere to observe peace with his first wife.

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