Govt to introduce new education curriculum


HARARE – Teachers are set to undergo further training as the Education ministry transforms the educational curriculum.

Primary and Secondary Education minister Lazarus Dokora told teachers on Saturday  at a Zimbabwe Teachers’ Union  Teachers Day gathering that he intends to optimise teachers’ skills so they are brought in line with the economic and social realities obtaining in the country.

“We are mapping new strategies in our ministry. I can tell you that a new curriculum will be introduced before the end of November.

“It is hopeless to have a teacher who trained in ICTs in 1990 teaching students today about computers.

“ICTs have revolved and so should the teachers and the curriculum,” Dokora said.

“Our constitution recognises 16 languages and in that line, there is a lot of work ahead for us.

“If a teacher is transferred to a Tonga society he or she must be able to speak in that language because it’s a constitutional right for a child to address the teacher in their language.

“Teachers need to learn all the official languages,” Dokora added.

The minister decried corruption in schools saying his ministry will put an end to this, singling out School Development Committees (SDCs) as the main drivers.

He said: “SDCs by their nature were designed to develop schools.

“SDCs were formulated constitutionally, to make sure that teachers live in decent accommodations at schools and children learn in proper classes.

“But as I toured the country recently, I discovered that teachers in some schools live in dilapidated houses and they get water from unhygienic sources.

“I then wondered where are the SDCs’ funds in these schools going to?

“SDCs’ funds are being pulled into someone’s pocket and this must end. We cannot continue in this fashion.”

Meanwhile, Zimta president Richard Gundane called upon the government to immediately address teachers’ salaries.

“On this day, we proclaim an end to false promises, recriminations and worn out dogmas that for the last five years have characterised our labour politics.

“It is with this experience that we call on this government to immediately address the issues of salaries and the urgency of acting is now.

“Anytime later, is too late for the thousands of educators in this country,” Gundane said.

Zimta is demanding that the least paid teacher pockets $988.

Gundane further called for the amendment of the Public Service Act so that the statutory identifies and recognises the fundamental labour rights that are enshrined in the new Constitution.

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