Food distribution should not be politicised


EDITOR — With hunger biting in Mbire, may I put it to the attention of World Food Programme (WFP) and Christian Care that their food distribution is heavily politicised with kraal heads having already selected beneficiaries on partisan lines.

Members of the MDC are being left out as punishment for supporting the party and this is leaving the helpless villagers with no option but to suffer.

To make matters worse, Christian Care workers seem to have bowed down to Zanu PF control as they are not ready to even listen to the plight of the hunger-stricken victims as they do not want to be seen to be associating with the MDC members for unknown fear as they are supposed to help everybody regardless of the party they support.

If no plans are made to rid the partisanship that has rocked the food distribution it will be better it is stopped until some people in Zanu PF reform and accept that the food is for everybody despite the party they support.

While the international community can ignore other ill-treatment of opposition members, they must demand fair distribution of food as some people may starve.

I am suggesting that this distribution of food should be done with the involvement of all parties’ leadership because banking on the impartiality of kraal heads is a joke since their history of victimising opposition party supporters is well documented.

No one should monopolise food donations from other countries because it is being given to everybody who is in need of it despite the party they are affiliated to.

Conditions must be demanded to ensure that the food distribution is fair and opposition members must not suffer at the hands of ruthless kraal heads and scared Christian Care workers.

We hope for a quick intervention.

Isaac Mupinyuri

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