Cop dumps wife for maid


HARARE – A Zimbabwe Republic Police officer who reportedly dumped his wife and three children to cohabit with their domestic worker has been hauled before the courts.

Tongai Majeza was brought before Harare Civil Court by his wife Rosemary Majeza on allegations of emotional abuse and selling matrimonial property.

Majeza told the court her husband had barred her from accessing their flea market businesses and intended to sell some of their property.

“My husband left the house to cohabit with our employee. He left me with the kids and we were fortunate we live in the police camp.

“He also has been in charge of our businesses. He recently attempted to sell our stand and property and threatened to kill me when I averted proceedings. We are legally married but he brings the girlfriend whenever, he comes home.

Majeza said she wanted her husband to surrender the stand and vehicle registration papers because they initially acquired the property for their three children.

“He should also allow me access to the flea market,” she said.

Majeza denied the allegations and said he left his home because of his wife’s irrational behaviour.

“I never attempted to sell the stand. The flea market she is talking about was police property and if she had wanted one, she would have also applied in her capacity as a police officer.

“I am not going to give her the car because she is not a driver and they remain my source of income. She wiped away all my earnings when she was granted maintenance.

“She uses obscene language against me and this is the very reason I moved out of our home. I’m in the middle of processing our divorce which she is aware of.

Presiding magistrate Rebecca Kavhiya will rule on the matter on Tuesday.

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