Clare in duet with US band


HARARE – Female jazz artiste Clare Nyakujara’s joint album with an American outfit called Ruzivo is now ready for release.

Titled Ndega Zvangu, the 12-track album, was a painstaking year-long collaboration between the jazz songstress and the Seattle-based group.

Ruzivo, founded by Zimbabwean Paul Mataruse, also includes Americans Jocelyn Moon, Sose Orskog, Hannah Wahl, Lonnie Welsh and Dana Moffat.

Clare, in the company of Ruzivo member Dana Moffett, confirmed the album’s imminent release.
“We haven’t had our official release party yet,” said Clare.

“We started a year ago, I wrote the lyrics while the instrumentals came from Ruzivo. We play traditional music fused with drums and guitars.”

According to leading vocalist of The Other Four, the album is a frank social commentary.

“I am a social commentator. I am not into beating about the bush; I just say things as they are.

“My songs are all about the things that happen every day and all my songs are different, with different messages.

Dana told the Daily News that working with Clare and The Other Four had been a rewarding cultural experience.

“We recorded and send our music here so that we could come out with the cultural collaboration. We gave Clare and her band leeway to do what they wanted with our recording,” said Dana.

“I must say it was good; the way they did it was amusing. We had to go back to the studio to re-record and we learnt a lot from that experience.”

The American singer said the cultural collaboration was deliberately biased towards Shona.

“The music is all Shona. We love the Shona culture and we are happy the way the songs are like. We have embraced the Shona culture and we perform the songs in America as well. But we have to explain the songs before we perform though because some people do not understand it,” said Dana.

The album was recorded by Kelly Rusike at Shed Studios and Scot Michael at Titan Recording Studio in America.

Ruzivo has a special bond with Zimbabwe.

Last year they donated a marimba set to St Giles Medical Rehabilitation Centre when they were here to take part in the 2012 Harare International Festival of Arts (Hifa).

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