Children assault father


HARARE – A man has dragged his wife to court because their children assault him whenever he argues with their mother.

Peter Gositara dragged his wife Monica Gositara to the Harare Civil Court seeking a protection order.

Gositara said his wife influenced their children to turn against him and neglected all her wifely duties.
“I am being abused by my own family. Whenever I have misunderstandings with my wife, the children team up to assault me,” Gositara said.

“She has been sleeping in the dining-room since December and no longer cooks or do my laundry.”

His wife denied the allegations and said her husband was the one perpetrating acts of domestic violence.

“He is the one who is violent and our children are grown up and can no longer tolerate watching me being bashed,” she said.

“We now have a daughter-in-law but he still assaults and insults me in her presence. He calls our form four daughter a “bitch” and blames me for that. He even shouts that she is no longer a virgin and slept with many men and I fail to understand how he knows about such things.

“I moved to the dining- room because he would spit in my face at night and even assaulted me.”

Presiding magistrate Rebecca Kavhiya granted the order and advised the family to live in peace.

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