Mujuru blasts traffic officers


VICE president Joyce Mujuru has decried rampant corruption, singling out roadblocks where traffic police officers milk motorists.

In an address at the graduation of Agritex officers and tobacco growers at Kutsaga Research Station in Harare yesterday, Mujuru said police must stop corruption at roadblocks.

“We do not want to hear this thing that is happening at our roadblocks,” Mujuru said.

“When you get to a roadblock you are told ‘old man, can you come out of your car so we can discuss?’

No, I am saying this is not indigenisation.” Turning to the business of the day, Mujuru said the country needs to stop importing food from other countries.

“Minister (Joseph) Made, even at your CSC (Cold Storage Company), you must also get the kind of machinery that is being used in other countries,” she said.

“The eggs that we are farming, our potatoes and cabbages are just as good as the produce we are importing.
“Imports should stop because we want to support our local industry. I am saying Zimbabwe has everything so why not use the money we use to import to grow our agricultural industry by promoting our local markets?”

The country recently imported 150 000 metric tonnes of maize from Zambia after recording a drought in the last farming season.

Mujuru urged farming stakeholders to emulate what the tobacco industry was doing.

She said farmers need to be educated about agriculture so that they fully utilise their land and resources.

Meanwhile, Made said government’s $161 million input support programme was for this year only, as it was not government business to provide farming inputs.

“We provided farming inputs this year because we realised that last year our farmers did not reap anything,” Made said. 

“But going forward, we will not be giving farmers’ inputs because that is supposed to be done by the industry. The government will only create an enabling environment for farmers to access inputs. Our business will be able to make sure that the industry is functioning well and dams are constructed for farmers.”

Government on Wednesday unveiled a $161 million farming inputs support programme to enable farmers to grow maize and small grains, including rearing livestock for the 2013/14 farming season.

The Agriculture minister urged farmers to harvest their produce once it is ready because a delay will promote the breeding of pests and insects.

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