Minister, we need answers now!


EDITOR — Allow me space in your newspaper to express my displeasure at the Energy minister’s indifference to the plight of electricity-starved Zimbabweans.

The honourable minister addressed a press conference on the energy sector and I would have thought he would address the current power outages.

Instead, the minister talked about power generation expansion plans — wise talk which we have heard since independence without action ? but in the meantime how will citizens and business survive with the seemingly permanent power outages.

While he seems to have a long-term solution to the power problems, he needs to come up with an urgent plan to stop these frequent power cuts.

It is noble for him to channel most of the available power to other critical sectors but what does it mean for ordinary power consumers?

As ordinary consumers we seem to be the hardest hit with no electricity almost on a daily basis. What is making it worse is some of us would have paid for the electricity in advance through the prepayment system.

When the prepayment system was introduced, we were assured that the issue of power cuts would be a thing of the past as long as one has paid for the electricity usage, but it seems this is not so.

Most of us pay for electricity that is sufficient for the whole month hoping to avoid spending our money on candles, firewood, gas and paraffin.

Could the minister provide answers as to how long this situation is going to prevail so that we can budget and plan for our families.

These incessant power cuts have caused untold suffering to Zimbabweans; some households have had their electrical gadgets destroyed, food in refrigerators going bad and children going to school on empty stomachs posing a serious threat to their health.

I urge the minister to urgently address this more critical problem.

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Baba Jikwa

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