Zinara letting us down


EDITOR — The agony that motor vehicle owners experienced on October 1, 2013 needs to be exposed.

I entered the banking hall at 9am and left after 2pm.

It took the teller one-and-half hours to serve me. I doubt if people I left behind enjoyed any service.

All this is because the Zinara licensing system was either “hanging” or had crashed.

I understand that all banking halls for Zinara and its agents  were similarly affected.

Typical of Zimbabweans — we always suffer in silence.

Meanwhile, Zinara management are enjoying hefty salaries and perks while this problem recurs every 4 months.

What is Zinara doing to alleviate the suffering of the motoring public, their cash-cow?

To add insult to injury, they have increased their licensing fees by introducing frivolous vehicle categories with varying fees even for vehicles in the same weight category.

My Nissan Hardbody vehicle is now being charged more than my Toyota Dyna commercial truck!

Where is the logic?

Meanwhile, traffic police are having a field day fining hapless drivers who “delay” licensing their vehicles. Like lambs we head for slaughter in silence.

Zinara is likely to respond by saying that motorists must license their vehicles before the last day of the term. Nice try, Chitukutuku.

Mudhara  Mseke

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