Pregnant girlfriend barred from disrupting wedding


HARARE – A Harare man concealed his wedding plans to his pregnant girlfriend fearing she would disrupt the ceremony.

Denford Mukanda, told the Harare Civil Court that he was involved with Farirai Zhou for two years, culminating in a pregnancy. He said he feared that if he told his pregnant girlfriend about the impending nuptials, she could disrupt the October 26 wedding.

“I am supposed to wed on October 26 and I am afraid that my ex-girlfriend can disrupt proceedings on the day,” Mukanda said.

“She follows up on all plans. She has been to my church and fiancée’s spying on the wedding’s progress. I want her stopped from stalking us and threatening to cause mayhem on the day.”

The court heard Zhou fell pregnant by Mukanda in May after the latter had promised to pay lobola and wed her later this year.

Zhou was informed about her future husband’s marriage to another woman when she attempted to elope.

“I am pregnant with his child and we have been dating since 2010,” she told the court. “We slept together sometime in April this year and he promised to marry me.

“I only got to know about his wedding plans when I eloped. His family rejected me and advised me of the wedding. I was hurt because we discovered the pregnancy in May but he proceeded to marry another woman in July.

“He offered to pay for maternity fees and buy the baby’s clothes but he hasn’t honoured his promises. We were surprised to be served summons because our families are in the process of resolving the matter.”

Presiding magistrate Rebecca Kavhiya granted the peace order and advised Zhou not to disrupt the wedding proceedings.


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