Highfield ‘bombing’ suspect charged


HARARE – A 40-year-old Highfield man accused of bombing Zanu PF offices has been remanded in custody after being hauled before the courts on aggravated malicious damage to property charges.

Harare magistrate Elijah Makomo instructed Collins Chisunga to apply for bail at the High court.

Chisunga was arrested after being fingered in the attack on the Zanu PF Highfield offices that occurred over the weekend.

The State alleges that Chisunga was overheard claiming that he committed the offence intentionally.

It is the state’s case that on September 28, Chisunga and his accomplices who are still at large, went to Zanu PF’s Machipisa offices where they set the place on fire using unknown implements.

The fire destroyed office furniture and other items including a gas cooker.

Prosecutor Sharon Mashavira told the court that the fire spread to Grocery World Supermarket, which is adjacent to the offices.

The fire gutted various food stuffs among them cartons of cooking oil and electrical appliances.

According to state papers, the fire further destroyed walls of the building, leading to the collapse of corrugated iron roofing sheets.

Police arrested Chisunga on September 29, after he was allegedly heard shouting “Takabva kuSouth Africa, Hamuna zvamunotiita Jongwe neZanu PF office Machipisa takapedza nemi kare.”

Makomo remanded Chisunga to October 16.

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