Address the plight of ZBC employees


EDITOR — The MDC calls for the immediate payment of outstanding salaries to the suffering Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) employees who have gone for months without getting paid.

As a labour-backed party, the MDC condemns the non-payment of salaries to the abused staff members at ZBC and demands that they should be paid a living wage urgently while improving their working conditions.

Because we appreciate the importance of a satisfied employee, we sympathise with the workers whose non-payment of salaries is not only affecting the employees and their families but the entire nation which is being starved of proper information, education and entertainment due to low output as staff members at the country’s sole State broadcaster are disgruntled.

The MDC is further concerned that senior management at ZBC reward themselves with obscene salaries of over $20 000 a month while junior employees are failing to meet day-to-day needs like paying rentals, school fees and buying food.


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