Zanu PF ‘bomb attack’: Woman arrested


HARARE – A Highfield woman and her one-year-old son have spent two nights in police custody on allegations of “bombing”  Zanu PF’s district offices, her lawyer have said.

Spiwe Pambayi, 32, together with her one-year-old son,  Clifford Mbewe, were arrested on Saturday after being implicated in the suspected arson attack on the Zanu PF offices and a shop adjacent  to the offices.

Charles Kwaramba of Mbidzo, Muchadehama and Makoni Legal Practitioners, the lawyer representing Pambayi, confirmed the arrest but said his client has since been released.

“They recorded a warned and cautioned statement from her in which they were alleging that she was the mastermind of the fire which gutted the Zanu PF offices, she denied the allegations which were being peddled by some Zanu PF people in the area,” Kwaramba said.

According to Kwaramba, police alleged that an informant reported overhearing Pambayi, who is self-employed as a vendor, boasting that the “fire-fire operation” had succeeded.

“The bottom of the matter is that Pambayi is a wife to an MDC supporter who is a close ally of the councillor for the area, that is the reason she was being targeted,” Kwaramba said.

As the Highfield Zanu PF offices were set on fire, Jongwe Printers, the party’s printing press, was also  fire-bombed by unknown individuals.

Police have remained tight lipped on the matter despite earlier promises to make a public statement regarding the two bombings.

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