Power cuts — What the people said


HARARE – Zimbabweans have expressed outrage over the massive load-shedding schedule, blasting government for failing to ease the power outages.

Zesa Holdings has increased load shedding outside the publicised schedule citing ongoing maintenance on its power generation units. The power shortages have hit the livelihoods of millions who are dependent on it.

The Daily News’ Lloyd Mbiba spoke with Zimbabweans about the unrelenting power outages that have seen some residential suburbs going for more than 14 hours without electricity.

Edwell Muendesi

“This abnormal load-shedding is affecting us badly. The load shedding is now erratic and we cannot do our business. 

“I am a welder and these power cuts are negatively affecting my work. This month I have made little money and who is going to pay me for loss of business? Zesa needs to solve the power issue because we cannot continue like this.” 

Thomas Matibenga

“Nyaya yemagetsi yakatowoma (The issue of power shortages is very hard). We do not have power from about 5am to 10pm on a daily basis and yet the bills continue to come.

“What are we paying for?  I now believe that the inclusive government was better because we used to have normal load-shedding. 

The government seriously needs to address this issue because we are suffering.”

Kudakwashe Zembe

“We only have electricity for 30 minutes a day. So we are forced to use firewood and paraffin.

“This puts a strain on us as we also pay Zesa bills. Zesa is making us suffer as we don’t have money to pay bills and buy paraffin. The government needs to intervene and save people.”

Daniel Chekerwa

“The erratic power cuts are damaging our appliances. I have lost a television set due to the unpredictable power cuts and my neighbour also told me that his refrigerator was damaged. Zesa needs to follow a proper load shedding time table so as to avoid this.

“Since last month we have experienced severe power cuts and we are wondering why we should pay our electricity bills.”

Aqueline Nyamande

“The power cuts are affecting our business. We used to sell meat and we can no longer afford to do so as our refrigerators are not working.

“I think its politics at work because why did we not face such power cuts during the inclusive government? Bhora rakazara mughedi and we want magetsi azare kudzimba.”

Tsitsi Chirimuta

“I now cook using paraffin or firewood on a daily basis. I leave early in the morning with no electricity and when I come back there will still be no power.

“So I am asking myself, why should I continue paying bills when l do not get the electricity? This is unfair and Zesa needs to explain to us what is happening.”


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