MDC failed to campaign in Masvingo


EDITOR — The reason for the dismal failure of MDC in Masvingo is complacence.

In Bikita, MDC had scooped all three seats in the 2008 Senate elections but come their term they did nothing to an extent that some people even forgot the names of their legislators.

A good example is in ward 23 where Heya Shoko visited only twice with two crates; one for drinks and the other one for opaque beer.

Curiously, the MP forgot his cell phone which we heard was handed back to him by chief Marozva later that week.

The party failed to campaign in Masvingo so they should not complain about the outcome of the elections.

I bet on my last dollar that given another chance to go to elections MDC  will not waste time and chances, they will campaign in every town.



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