Man stopped from stalking ex-lover


HARARE – A man who stalked and harassed his ex-girlfriend demanding compensation for the food he bought her during their relationship has been hauled before the courts.

Milton Nyanyi was dragged to court by Agnes Kandege, seeking a peace order.

Nyanyi confirmed he had separated with Kandege.

He said he wanted her to pay for the food he bought for her.

“We separated in August because we had misunderstandings but she still continued to come to me for food. I am surprised she had the guts to come to court. Does it mean she will no longer rely on me?” Nyanyi asked.

“I never harassed or insulted her, everything that happened between us was reciprocal. She should learn to tell the truth before the court.”

Kandege said she has had to replace her mobile number to cut communication with Nyanyi.

“He is the one who is lying. He can even assault me in public. He even follows me when I escort my child to pre-school,” she said.

“I have changed residence and replaced my mobile number but that hasn’t deterred him. I have not known peace since August. We broke up because he had assaulted me and my child.”

Presiding magistrate Rebecca Kavhiya granted the peace order in favour of Kandege and advised Nyanyi to seek proper relief if he wanted his ex-girlfriend to pay back the money he spent on her.

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