Harare banker releases motivational book


HARARE – Banker and aspiring author Peter Kamurai Chibayamombe will launch his debut novel titled How to unlock the blessing of God on October 12.

Chibayamombe told the Daily News that the 120-page book is meant to inspire people of poor backgrounds to achieve success despite the odds stacked against them.

“The book is a testimony of my life,” said the 26-year-old banker.

“The days I spent without eating, my school and university days and my period of seeking for jobs among other trying times in my life are all detailed in the book.”

The book underscores the power of having a dream while the same time differentiating dreamers from visionaries.

“It covers teachings on hearing the voice of God, hindrances to receiving breakthroughs in life, the power of a seed and the principle of tithing.

“The book demonstrates the eight principles of success in life; five mind-sets that determine success, how to overcome the power of the past; the cost of living an ignorant life; the promises of God and the importance of the parental blessing.

“In this book I challenge and show the reader how to discover their purpose in life, how to activate, maintain and protect the blessing of God.

“I also show how to build altars, develop faith that stands the test of time and how to live a righteous and holy life,” he said.

Chibayamombe, a former National University of Science and Technology student who was raised by poor parents in the Amaveni suburbs of Kwekwe, is confident that his book will inspire many.

“This book will not only motivate you but it will show you how you can build a successful life starting with where you are and with what you have.

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“The blessing comes as a talent, gifting or even an idea. Many people have an idea of where they want to be in life but do not know how to get there despite being carriers of God’s blessing.

“In this book I encourage people to unlock the value in their God-given blessing so that they could live a meaningful life of success, purpose and prosperity,” said Chibayamombe.

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