Wife stopped from disclosing hubby’s HIV status


HARARE – An HIV positive Warren Park man has dragged his wife to court seeking a protection order for alleged physical, verbal and emotional abuse.

Zadius Makona told a Harare Civil Court that his wife Edeline Matsatsi was very violent and recently stabbed him with a knife.

“I sustained injuries and incurred medical expenses,” Makona said.

“She always mocks me about my HIV status and goes about disclosing it to people. We have been on separation for a few weeks now to allow relatives to mediate in resolving our issues.

“She has been denying me conjugal rights and brags about sleeping with other men outside our marriage. Matsatsi even stole my ID, passport and educational certificates in her bid to fix me.”

Makona said he wanted his wife to account for medical expenses he accrued following the stabbing.

“I want her to cover all medical expenses that I had as a result of the stabbing. I also want her to collect property she left at my house because she might start pressing theft charges against me,” he said.

“She should also return all my particulars.”

Matsatsi admitted stabbing her husband and told the court she was furious because she caught him red handed sleeping with another woman.

“I did attack him with a knife and the matter was dealt with at Harare Magistrates Court. I had caught him red handed, intimate with another woman on our matrimonial bed,” Matsatsi told the court.

“I could offer monetary relief two weeks from now because I am not currently employed. He is only bitter that I recently claimed for maintenance and has not been able to pay.”

Matsatsi said she denied her husband conjugal rights because he refused to use protection during sex.

“We discovered that he was HIV positive when I was six months pregnant. I suggested that we use protection because I don’t want to get infected,” she said.

“I never disclosed his status but we engaged our families when we discovered he was positive.”

Presiding magistrate Rebecca Kavhiya granted a protection order in favour of Makona and ordered Matsatsi to give him $30 as monetary relief.

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