Streak quits Tuskers, joins Falcon College


HARARE – Coach Heath Streak has left Matabeleland Tuskers ahead of the on-coming 2013-14 domestic cricket season scheduled to start in November.

The former Zimbabwe captain opted out of the Logan Cup champions over a contractual dispute. He has since assumed a new role as the head coach at his old school, Falcon College.

Streak will also be concentrating on his academy, the Heath Streak Cricket Academy, to be based at MacDonald Sports Club in Bulawayo.

“I’m no longer with Tuskers and I have since sought employment elsewhere,” Streak told the Daily News on Monday.

“To be honest, they (Tuskers) were not able to give a commitment on the financial package and I got a good offer at Falcon College in the process. I will be coaching the first team, its fine working with the school kids, the guys are very enthusiastic.”

Tuskers chief executive Stanley Staddon said Wayne James, who was an understudy to Streak last season, will take over the reins.

“It’s quite sad we only had him for one year, we offered him a job, unfortunately he declined but we would have loved to continue with him,” Staddon said yesterday.

“We will have Wayne James taking over the team in the coming season and it shouldn’t be much of a problem for him because he was the assistant last season.”

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