Arrest armed robbers


EDITOR — I have noticed with grave concern that there is a rise in cases of armed robberies in Zimbabwe.

I am not sure where these robbers are getting their guns from but apparently, an ever-increasing number of individuals are getting hold of them.

Guns are not a pleasant sight and due to the disarmament policy introduced in this country, many of us are vulnerable pretty much the whole time.

All crime is bad but armed robbery is the worst because there are higher chances of deaths.

The police commissioner should conduct inventories aimed at identifying people who carry guns around and verifying if such persons are allowed and licensed to be do so.

The robber’s psyche is so corrupt, he/she wants to reap where they did not sow and afterwards, kill their victims because they saw their faces.

In response to this growing tendency, security companies should properly armour their personnel, especially those who do night shifts at banks, filling stations and at ATMs.

People should just work to fend for themselves and not wait to pounce on other hardworking  individuals.

Freedom Shumba,


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