Shot suspect gets bail


BULAWAYO – A Bulawayo man, who was shot on the right leg by detectives while trying to flee, has been released on bail.

Fanethi Ndlovu, 45, of 176 Harrisville last week appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Gladmore Mushove facing three different charges.

He is being charged of failing to comply with police instructions, being found in possession of ammunition without a valid licence and failing to appear before an immigration office.

Ndlovu, who pleaded guilty to the charge, was released on $100 bail and will return to court on October 10.

Allegations by the State are that on September 16, Ndlovu was driving a Nissan Combi along Robert Mugabe Way near Queens Park railway flyover. When he realised that he was approaching a police roadblock, he made an emergency U-turn.

Upon noticing that, the traffic cops jumped into an unmarked vehicle and followed the accused.

To draw Ndlovu’s attention  constable Karimireni, who was in uniform, started waving his hand, ordering Ndlovu to stop but instead he accelerated.

The State alleges that the accused drove for about 5km into Sauerstown suburb before getting into the Victoria Falls Road where the chase continued.

The detectives fired warning shots still Ndlovu did not stop.

They then fired shots at one of the vehicle’s tyres, forcing him to stop.

Ndlovu reportedly bolted out of the vehicle and took to his heels into the bush.

As the chase continued, detectives shot him on the right leg.

He fell to the ground and was  apprehended.

During a search in his vehicle, police discovered 7×9 millimetre rounds of ammunition hidden in an ash tray.

It was also discovered that on his return from South Africa, he did not have his passport stamped by an immigration official.

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