Shame perpetrators of sexual harassment


EDITOR — Both women and men suffer in silence at the hands of perpetrators of sexual harassment and some have gone to the extent of threatening violence to their victims if there are to report.

I think it’s high time we should not tolerate sexual harassment.

It affects us emotionally for a long time hence making our lives stagnant.

Shaming perpetrators of sexual harassment will create an alarming call for those initiating it.

Sexual harassment is an unwelcome behaviour which leaves some people offended.

It is high time victims of sexual harassment  open up in a bid to stop it and shame them.

Such behaviour takes many forms and people should not take it lightly as it advances with time.

Traditionally, sexual harassment was a workplace thing but today because of social networks it now follows people in their living areas which has become a call for concern.

The media should also play a vital role in educating people and create platforms where people can air their problems.

Portia Sigauke

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