MPs question Psychomotor ministry


HARARE – MDC legislators have questioned the relevance of the Psychomotor ministry held by Josiah Hungwe.

The portfolio’s relevance was questioned in the National Assembly during the question-and-answer time on Wednesday.

Trevor Saruwaka, MDC MP for Mutasa Central,  left the House in stitches when he asked Higher Education minister Olivia Muchena to clarify the relationship between her ministry and the Psychomotor portfolio.

“Can the minister explain to us the relevance of the ministry of Psychomotor, and I notice that the minister (Hungwe) is not in the House, I refer the question to minister Muchena?” Saruwaka asked.

He was supported by Zwizwai Murisi, MDC MP for Harare Central, who also asked the same question.

“If you could explain to the nation the nexus between your ministry and ministry of State for Leasing on Psychomotor Activities in Education,”said Murisi.

In response, Muchena said the ministry of Psychomotor is responsible for the coordination of the brain and hands.

She also said she and Hungwe were to present a full briefing to Parliament on their ministerial duties.

“I would like to ask the indulgence of house for me and my colleague to bring a joint statement after we are fully briefed,” Muchena said.

“Normally, people learn in the mind and not able to do it. What is meant by psychomotor is that there should be engagement between the mind and how to do it.”

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