Get to the bottom of this cowardice


HARARE – We roundly condemn the suspected petrol bomb attack on Zanu PF offices in Highfield as disgraceful and cowardly.

The incident should not be allowed to divide Zimbabwe, a country that has enjoyed relative peace in recent years.

The attackers are said to have damaged the party offices and groceries at a nearby supermarket in their wicked act. These reports are troubling especially given that we have just concluded a peaceful election.

Resorting to violence as a way of resolving issues is not acceptable.

We condemn these violent actions in the strongest terms because they are not healthy in a country where people have just exercised their right in the legislative and presidential elections.

Instead of disagreements, we should sit together and find amicable solutions to problems affecting us no matter how insurmountable these may seem.

Continuous violent behaviour for selfish ends might push this country back into political immaturity.

We also call on all well-meaning individuals within Zimbabwe’s borders to condemn these acts because it is an open secret that violence begets violence, a situation we cannot accept as we strive to propel our country forward.

We believe this is the work of people who have nothing meaningful to contribute to the growth and development of this nation.

We will never allow such acts to divide the nation.

As police are in the infancy of the investigation and details are limited at this time, we urge the law enforcement agents to hunt down the culprits and bring them to book.

People must let the police do their job without any interference.

Those who have information that can assist  the police in their investigations must give it so that the perpetrators of the act are identified.

This is an extremely disgraceful and cowardly act which belongs to the dustbins of history.

We have a multi-partisan and diverse community in Highfield, who live and work together side by side, and a few misguided people must not be allowed to divide them.

The community has to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the police.

These criminals and terrorists must never be allowed to win, with all our communities and the nation united in our determination to fight off all forms of criminal and extreme behaviour and hate crimes, from whichever quarter it comes.

While no casualties have been reported, Zimbabweans must be horrified to learn there are people among us who can resort to such terrorism.

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