Arrest the thugs


HARARE – Saturday's bombing of Zanu PF offices in Highfield and Jongwe Printers should be condemned in the strongest terms and the thugs who perpetrated these acts of cowardice should be arrested and thrown into jail.

The bombings, coming so soon after the deadly siege on a shopping mall in Kenya by terrorists who murdered 69 people, should see all security forces spring into action to avoid our country degenerating into chaos and anarchy.

Luckily, there was no loss of lives but if such gutless acts of terror are allowed to continue unchecked, there will be bloodbath in the country.

The Daily News has been a victim of bombing before and we feel obligated to take the lead in fighting this act of terrorism which should never be allowed to take root in our peaceful country.

We therefore call upon the police, intelligence, military and the general public to work together to bring the culprits to book. The heartless perpetrators should know that the long arm of the law will FROM P1
catch up with them — they can run but they can’t hide.

As a nation, we should reject extremism and advocate for law and order as prerequisites for economic development.

This is why we are calling on society to join hands with law enforcement agents to smoke out these malcontents.

There should be absolutely no room for terrorism in Zimbabwe. We are a peace-loving nation and besides, destruction of property is economic sabotage that scares away investment and extinguishes job creation opportunities.

The thugs must be smoked out before it’s too late and we call upon police commissioner general Augustine Chihuri to employ all resources available to the police and make sure the terrorists are arrested and taken to court.

As a newspaper which was once a victim of bombing, we know like no other newspaper the pain associated with such barbarity. By taking such a move, we are hoping to rally the nation to do the same regardless of political party affiliations.

Political parties must also come in and make bold statements against such heartless acts of sabotage.
There should be no mercy against these deadly criminal acts because they retard development and bring unnecessary fear among the people.

In our lead story of today’s issue, we quote Zimrights chairperson, Okay Machisa rightly condemning the attack on Zanu PF offices and Jongwe Printers and we couldn’t agree with him more.

Machisa said: “That attitude is barbaric and shows political immaturity if indeed if it was done within circles of political parties.

“Parties need those structures to carry out their mandates. If you go and destroy them, then purport to be democratic, it is sad.”

“Democracy is about respecting alternative voices. Whatever happened in the past belongs to the past.”

Indeed, if the bombing is political, then the political parties need to look themselves in the mirror and ask whether they are doing the nation any good through these barbaric acts of terrorism.

The massacre at Westgate Mall in Kenya last week should be a reminder to the whole nation of what terrorism can do to a society. It will result in the death of innocent people who have nothing to do with the politics of the day.

We cannot live in fear in our own country.

Chihuri, please hunt down these thugs and arrest them.

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