I’ve no competition – Tuku


HARARE – Zimbabwe music legend Oliver "Tuku" Mtukudzi Thomas Mapfumo says there is no competition and rivalry between him and fellow Zimbabwean star Thomas Mapfumo.

“We are artistes. He’s got what I don’t have and I have what he doesn’t have. And there is no competition at all,” said the Sarawoga singer during an exclusive interview with the Daily News.

“How can you compete when you are on your own? You have what you have.”

The internationally famous Tuku, who has just turned 61, attributes his long shelf-life at the top of Zimbabwean music to the uniqueness of his productions.

“What has made me survive almost 40 years of this (music) it’s because I do me and I know there is no better me than me. So automatically I’ve got no competition. I just do what I do and the world is just waiting for me to do it because nobody else can do it.Same as Thomas (Mapfumo). So there is no competition at all,” he added.

The Bvuma hit-maker is proud of the close friendship that has existed between him and the exiled Mapfumo who is now based in the United States of America .

“Even though he is there (in United States), we talk on the phone, communicate via e-mails and so on. So it’s like he is just next door. At times when he comes to Africa, South Africa, we see each other.”

The Pakare Paye Arts Centre founder also revealed that his close ties with the Oregon-based Mapfumo motivated the two to hold joint shows in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

“We (Tuku and Mapfumo) influenced our management to organise this. Of course promoters come into play but the idea really came from us as artistes to the promoters via our management,” said Tuku.

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