Time for sober MDC introspection


HARARE – The general election is over and done with and it is now time to critically examine factors that have negatively and positively steered politics in the MDC community since the election.

It is also important to project the way forward for this political group, since its leader Morgan Tsvangirai lost to Mugabe.

Endogenous factors ensured that Tsvangirai lost quite a big chunk of his usually huge votes, amid allegations of State machinery having been used to guarantee Mugabe’s win.

It was a do-or-die political contest and from observations, Mugabe and Tsvangirai had campaigned vigorously within their strongholds respectively.

There is no doubt Tsvangirai has played a key role in the democratic gains enjoyed by Zimbabweans today. Nevertheless, there are some factors concerning his party which impeded his success in capturing the presidency, like lack of foresight in making sure the vote was not rigged.

For all we care, all this talk about Tsvangirai being a “rusty bolt” and “unpopular” could as well been bubbling under since the GNU days. With all his charisma and good managerial skills, Tsvangirai marshalled the MDC bloc to vote him in the presidency, but he claims the vote was stolen. 

There is also criticism that time and again, Tsvangirai has favoured his close allies in the so-called “Kitchen Cabinet” for top government positions and recently, for elective posts.

It could be argued that some silently carried forward memories from the sham nominations and punished him for imposing his key allies.

Were MDC MPs now pushing for his ouster honest enough to mention to Tsvangirai when they felt he was making wrong political decisions as PM, or were they mere court jesters who wouldn’t tell him the truth.

As a way forward, we hope the MDC MPs can move away from the mode of politicking to an economic development mode? The MDC seems to be in one piece so far, well, according to Nelson Chamisa, though there have been grievances.

The most important thing now is for MDC MPs to electrify the National Assembly and Senate by keeping Mugabe’s government on its toes. The process of implementing the new Constitution can only succeed if members stay together as the official opposition and not join Mugabe to give us another five years of a useless government. Further, not everyone is supposed to be in government.

Some feel the MDC needs fresh blood within its top leadership and the best would be for the old guard to bow out and let the younger generation take over.

But this is not the time to be changing the captain while the ship is in choppy waters.

After all, Tsvangirai has a mandate from congress which expires in 2016.

Those wishing to dethrone him can wait for 2016 to have their wish.

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