Revive agricultural sector


EDITOR — Zimbabwe used to be the bread basket of Africa but all that is now gone.

With the coming of the land reform programme, most people lost their jobs.

Statistics from the United Nations World Food Programme indicate, 2,2 million people will need food assistance since the country is facing acute grain shortages, owing to the poor harvests experienced this season.

Most of the new farmers are growing crops such as tobacco and cotton as they bring income in the family.
Not many farmers are paying attention to maize production which is evidenced by the declining maize production.

Farmers need a lot of support so that agriculture gets back on its feet.

The government should invest a lot in agriculture for the benefit of citizens.

We can not be seen going to seek food assistance from other countries that used to rely on us.

If the government invest in agriculture, farmers should take up the opportunity and produce a lot of food for the country.

Let us work for our country and avoid starvation.



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