Intwasa reawakens Marechera


BULAWAYO – Intwasa Arts Festival, which kicks off in Bulawayo today, will feature a play by the late internationally-renowned author Dambudzo Marechera titled Pub Stories.

Pub Stories mixes the narrative of Marechera’s personal life with events from his short story Tony Fights Tonight.

One cannot talk about Zimbabwean literature without mentioning Marechera’s work.

With just a few stories and poems to his name, Marechera redefined not only Zimbabwean but also African literature.

Director of Intwasa, Raisedon Baya said it is not the short stories that made Marechera famous but his prose and poetry.

“Pub Stories is mind blowing — it is an on-the-edge-of-your-seat story — and as the story unravels the audience is compelled to ask questions like: Is this about Dambudzo Marechera, his writing or both? At the core of the story is Marechera’s request for freedom from self, society chains, from the State and all things,” Baya said.

He said it is a story of a man willing to seek to the point of self-destruction and hopefully people will enjoy.

“One can picture the play, the bars, pubs, women hence it is a must-see, not only for fans of Marechera but for all who love a good story and an unforgettable theatrical experience.


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