Contraceptives are not for all ages


EDITOR — I could not believe it when I read a story suggesting 10-year-olds should legally get contraceptives.

As a mother of a 11-year-old child, I can not imagine my daughter  going for contraceptives. 

It is both disheartening and deplorable that authorities now want to avail contraceptives to minors.

This is a Western idea by doctors who have studied abroad and they want to implement this in our country.

We can not tolerate such an idea.

Will the contraceptives and  condoms prevent HIV infections?

In the name of wanting to reduce teenage pregnancies and high maternal mortality rate, we will have an increase in the rate of HIV infection.

Why would they even do that? When we were young, none of us could even utter the word condom, let alone be involved in sexual activities.

It was taboo, now young people are allowed to watch films with harmful material.

Sex was for the married and now if we say 10-year-olds can have sex, where are we heading to.

We have ourselves to blame for exposing them to movies promoting explicit sex and nudity.

Something must be done to prevent further moral decay.

Instead of availing contraceptives to young people, efforts must be made to encourage a culture of abstinence and self-control.

The ministry of Health should engage the community as well so that they can proffer their views on this programme.

The rate of unwanted pregnancies is on the rise partly because parents are tolerating wayward behaviour among the young generation.

Now, if they know they can legally get contraceptives, we will not be in a position to control them as parents because they will be controlled by the law.

Zimbabwe has always been known for its high moral standards and we want to maintain that. 

Maybe, if they are to give contraceptives to adolescents, they should do so to those over 16 years.

How will we enforce the policy that forbids men from having sexual relations with minors?

Parents, this is a wake-up call. Our children need guidance but we are neglecting them.

Concerned Mother

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