No to MDC split


EDITOR —  The MDC has been our only hope for real change.

Even though  Morgan Tsvangirai “lost” the just-ended polls, the worst that could happen is the split of the party, because Zanu PF will then literally run government.

I feel that we are focusing our attention on the wrong subject at the present moment.

There is nothing that could have been done to avoid “defeat” at the hands of Zanu PF.

So many rumours emerged after the election results, the most disturbing one being that Tsvangirai is no longer wanted by the electorate who now prefer Tendai Biti or Nelson Chamisa.

I need you to understand that over the years Tsvangirai literally became the face and the spirit of the struggle for change.

Getting rid of him may not be the best way forward.

Albeit since the MDC abides by democratic principles let the people decide through the ballot if they now want leadership renewal or not.

When somebody fails, others who feel they have better ideas and would have made a greater impact usually come forward with the intention of taking over.

The playing field has not been even no matter how hard Tsvangirai had tried, chances of outright victory were very minimal. 

In any case if it is about leadership renewal, the MDC needs  to sort out the issue amicably and without attracting the kind of attention they are drawing right now. 

When you are at war you cannot discuss sensitive and classified issues in the presence of your enemy or competitor, this gives them leverage and an advantage over you.

This was articulated by sungura artiste Alick Macheso in one of his songs when he says “ruzhowa pamusha iyi inyaya yemhuri…” 

There are certain things we cannot allow the enemy to know because he will know where exactly to strike.

It is commonplace within politics or any other field for people to question each other’s leadership credentials but the motive should be to build and not destroy the party.

The MDC has had enough of splinter parties, from MDC 99, to the Mutambara-led MDC now under Welshman Ncube to some “dissident independent candidates”. 

The last thing the people of Zimbabwe want to see is another splinter party because it is evidence of confusion, greed and over-ambitiousness.

If such a split occurs the MDC will be doomed for good. No one will take them seriously anymore.

Zanu PF would be guaranteed to rule over Zimbabwe, till kingdom come.

I thought the MDC’s primary focus should be to analyse factors that contributed to their defeat and come up with ways of supplanting Zanu PF.

Instead of fanning disagreement within the party to the point of voting for Zanu PF (in the case of Mutare councillors) efforts to revive the party and regroup have to be made.

Whether or not the councillors actually voted for Zanu PF is now inconsequential, the allegations are very embarrassing and disillusioning.

If the party’s top brass are prepared to betray the struggle, how much more the ordinary people?

D. Zvemisha,


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