Curtain comes down on MacFest


GWERU – Organisers of the Midlands Arts and Culture Festival (Macfest), which ended on Saturday, are determined to make the annual arts event bigger and better.

Joe Wailer, the festival’s director told Daily News that the commitment of stakeholders has enabled the festival to overcome serious operational problems.

“The stakeholders’ determination and focus in the face of teething problems has enabled us to reach this far.

“The Macfest organising team has to be commended for overcoming the challenges to the satisfaction of our stakeholders.”

Macfest director Wailer believes Macfest’s future can only be guaranteed by coming up with ways that will put the festival on a sustainable footing.

“Now that the festival is over, we are keen to develop a long-term strategic plan that will come up with attractive packages for artistes, the festival itself and all our stakeholders.

“The new course we want to chart needs the active involvement of our stakeholders,” said Wailer.

The festival, which ran from September 16 to 21, under the theme “A place of art and culture, where people meet explore and create”, attracted top artistes like Roki, Bob Nyabinde and Man SoulJah.

Macfest also played host to several multi-disciplinary arts-related activities comprising of plays, writers’ workshops, music concerts, poetry slams and exhibitions for visual artists. For the festival to continue to grow, Wailer emphasised the importance of continued stakeholder support.

“The support we received from stakeholders enabled us to reach a wider audience.

“The media was also very supportive in making this year’s edition a success.

“We need to continue to foster a positive image which will encourage the business community to continue investing in the festival.

“The support from the local business community for   this year’s event was very encouraging.

“If this continues then we will be in for exciting times.”

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