Zhakata’s ultimate fan


HARARE – Sophia Svinurai is perhaps the most passionate fan of zora music star Leonard Zhakata.

The 40-year-old has attended almost all shows held by the Mugove hit-maker all over the country for the past two years.

“While others may regard the expenses   of attending his various concerts prohibitive, I am happy to do that because the shows help me relieve my stress,” says the Public Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) employee.

“I find myself refreshed every time I attend a zora concert.”

The mother of one says attending Zhakata’s shows in bars is not a sign of loose morals.

“I used to think the venues, like nightclubs that musicians perform where actually no-go areas for the decent woman. But those perceptions changed after attending a few concerts by Zhakata. I now attend almost all his concerts,” said Sophia.

The zora bug has left Sophia’s 14 year-old daughter equally smitten.

“My daughter could not resist zora music because it is always everywhere where I am — in the car, house. She cannot escape the sound, hence is enjoying some of the songs.”

Sophia’s love for zora music has seen her establish a Zhakata fan club called Vagoni Vebasa Zora Cadres.

The club currently has 12 active members.

“There are many passionate zora fans throughout country; people like Peter WeZora from Kadoma and Tawanda Chitekwe. These guys are always there attending Zhakata’s concerts. We met at Zhakata’s concerts and our friendship grew since our aim is one, to support mukoma Leonard,” said Sophia.

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She says she has remained a loyal fan because she keeps her distance from the star.

“I respect mukoma (Zhakata) and usually keep my distance. I am just a fan, a loyal zora cadre. He is a brother and I respect him and his privacy.”

Sophia and fellow zora fans have hosted surprise birthday parties for the Upenyu Mutoro singer.

“We began these parties last year. This year we organised a belated birthday party for him in Chinhoyi.

I just phoned a few other zora fans and we put together resources, bought a cake and had his picture drawn and framed as a present.” Zhakata was pleasantly surprised by the belated party held for him in the Mashonaland West town.

“I wasn’t expecting it but you know with fans, they always throw surprises and I am glad this one took place far away from Harare, in Chinhoyi.”

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