I’ll serve full term if re-elected: Mugabe


HARARE – President Robert Mugabe has said he will serve his full five-year term if re-elected to power.

“Don’t you want me to serve my whole term, what am I elected for?” Mugabe asked after casting his ballot in Highfield. “Why should I offer myself as a candidate if it is to cheat the people into resigning after?”

Mugabe said if given another chance, he would work towards bringing the country’s economy back on its feet through the mining sector, agriculture and reviving industries.

Quizzed by journalists soon after casting his vote at Mhofu Primary School in Highfield, on the comparison between the current and previous elections, Mugabe said: “It was naturally harder yes, because we had to wait, we had to go through a very torturous route to get to this Constitution, the new Constitution and so forth.”

Zimbabwe adopted the new charter in May, more than two months after it was overwhelmingly approved in a
March 16 national referendum by 93 percent of voters who cast their ballots.
Mugabe said the elections were a chance for Zimbabweans “to choose what is free and fair”.

“It is an opportunity for the nation to demonstrate their own wishes as to what must be done and that, of course, means choosing the party they think can fulfil their wishes. In other words, give them a better life,” he said, before going into the polling station.

“I am voting for myself,” he said.

He said there was a lot of work to do if re-elected.

“I have got lots of things to do — repair our industries, which have collapsed; there is much work to be done in the mining sector,” he said.


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