Everyone must accept poll results: Ncube


BULAWAYO – Welshman Ncube, the president of the smaller MDC and presidential candidate, cast his vote in Bulawayo yesterday morning and urged President Robert Mugabe to accept the results.

Mugabe told journalists at State House on the eve of the poll that he will step down if he loses the elections.

“I hope that he means it and that every supporter of every party will accept the results,” Ncube told reporters.

“Let’s step back and allow the people of Zimbabwe and once they have spoken, let’s count the votes and announce the results as expeditiously and as quickly as possible and let us respect the outcome thereafter.

“And whoever emerges victorious, let every Zimbabwean accept that and wish them very well in forming the next government.”

Voting was largely peaceful, but Mugabe’s Zanu PF supporters were arrested yesterday campaigning inside a polling station in Bulawayo.

Another Zanu PF activist was found manning a polling station alone in rural Gwanda District, Matabeleland South by independent local observers.

Debra Mabunda, the focal media person for Matabeleland region for independent civil society groups monitoring the elections, said they were investigating the presence of bogus polling stations and found one in Gwanda District yesterday.

“In Gwanda, Ward 10, Bar Compound, there was a polling station that was manned by one polling agent, a Zanu PF agent,” Mabunda said.

“The polling station was not listed under a list given to all stakeholders by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission. We informed other political parties in Gwanda and they have since sent their agents.”

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