Vote Tsvangirai — Baba Jukwa


HARARE – Baba Jukwa and his Vapanduki team have asked Zimbabweans to vote for Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai in today’s critical general poll.

With 302 403 followers, the faceless Facebook character claimed yesterday that he held a meeting with his “team” and settled on dumping his “party leader” President Robert Mugabe to stop “a subtle coup” by some Zanu PF stalwarts he alleged wanted to sabotage Vice President Joice Mujuru from taking over leadership in Zanu PF.

“Zimbabwe, after a long meeting with my fellow progressive members within my evil party, we have resolved that progressive people from Zanu PF countrywide should vote for our party’s progressive councillors, progressive MPs and senators representing my party, but for presidential candidate we have agreed to back Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai,” Baba Jukwa wrote.

Baba Jukwa said there was a ploy to force Mugabe into retirement after elections and power will be taken by some “evil’ people.

Mysterious and affiliate networks have helped the character unleash a persistent unravelling of Zanu PF secrets that has left many party cronies glaring with fear and uncertainty. 

Baba Jukwa—who promised to disappear soon after July 31 — emphasised that voting for Mugabe was tantamount to indirectly endorsing the people who wanted to oust Mugabe.

Baba Jukwa predicted for the second time a Tsvangirai victory that will bring an end to Mugabe’s 33-year reign as well as a coalition government described by experts as a marriage of inconvenience.

“Together lets achieve what Mujuru Rex wanted, what Tongogara wanted, what Mangena wanted; a better united Zimbabwe without discrimination on racial and tribal lines,” Baba Jukwa wrote.

“We will push them to the Mozambican sea without fail. We all know that the ploy is to shutter out Amai Mujuru and other progressive forces…”.

Last month he said Tsvangirai will win by 85 percent with Mugabe lagging behind with a mere 10 percent.

Since his page opened on March 23, the local and Diaspora population have received regular doses of alleged Zanu PF vote rigging scams.

Latest claims by Baba Jukwa are that Zanu PF has orchestrated a gerrymandering scheme they hope will retain Mugabe.

“That 54 percent they will only get in heaven don’t be scared nor fear their tactics, just go vote positively for Team Tsvangirai in numbers countrywide,” he declared, while urging the general observer teams to keep a close eye.

He begged Tsvangirai and the MDC led by Welshman Ncube not to boycott the elections no matter the irregularities.

“When the voters’ roll is finally unveiled I call upon Morgan and Welshman not to be tempted to call for a boycott of the elections in protest but to go ahead with the elections and take the fight to Robert’s door. This is no time of retreats or protests, this no time for courts this is the D-Day,” he said.

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