Zanu PF buying votes with Chinese trinkets


BULAWAYO – President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF’s desperate efforts to buy votes has gone over the edge as the party is handing out teapots and Chinese torches in a bid to charm the support of the impoverished Gwanda community.

As the nation hurtles towards the elections, the former ruling party is leaving no stone unturned and uses anything it can to gain support of the disaffected Zimbabweans.

“Zanu PF enjoys the poverty in Gwanda,” MDC aspiring candidate for Gwanda South Ekem Moyo told the Daily News.

“The party gives people small things instead of developing them. People are getting teapots and torches so that they vote for the party.”

Last week, First Lady Grace Mugabe promised food hand-outs to villagers in Gwanda which governor Angeline Masuku confirmed to have received at a party rally in Bulawayo on Saturday.

“I understand there has been poor rainfall and the people of this province have nothing in their granaries. So I have brought food for you and I pledge to provide regularly so that you do not starve,” Grace said.

On Saturday, Grace also promised food hand-outs for Bulawayo residents gathered at White City Stadium, a desperate move to exorcise the demon of rejection for the past decade.

Masuku said the region which is prone to perennial drought had received 10 tonnes of mealie meal, 10 tonnes of sugar beans, two tons of salt and 5 040 litres of cooking oil.

Moyo said Zanu PF is taking advantage of poverty in Gwanda.

“Those people live on promises all the time. Nothing has happened,” Moyo said adding that it was a carrot and stick approach because people of Gwanda do not support Zanu PF.

He said his constituency requires real development which could only be done by his party.

Historically, Matabeleland is well known for rejecting Zanu PF, hence the party is making frantic efforts to get votes.People receive kitchenware donated to them by Zanu PF.

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