Misguided doctrines costly


HARARE – Zanu PF’s greatest blunder in its campaign is its continued obsession of believing the people’s choice in 2008 was a terrible mistake that can only be rectified if they are re-elected back in power.

It is through this political blunder and contempt of the electorate that if the party does not repent at least for a day before we go for an election, they face another defeat and perhaps a traumatising shock for the umpteenth time.

Zanu PF has once again dismally disappointed the entire populace by failing to unveil an electoral package meaningful to secure victory despite self-proclaimed divine wisdom of party leadership.

Instead the party continues to exhibit daftness by parading its pathetic trap in moribund politics of the past, horrifying the electorate with its historical antics, which are appearing more like folklore.

For the record, citizens do not owe Zanu PF or anyone who participated in the liberation struggle anything.

If participation in the struggle has effectively been used to be a conduit of exoneration by party lieutenants to become sacrosanct to any moral principles binding the functioning of the State, then such a struggle should be condemned with the greatest contempt it deserves.

It is only in the past that Zanu PF finds solace and refuge. But it is where Zimbabwe is going which should matter.

What is important is what the party is prepared to offer, coupled with sound and meaningful policies.
That is their only surety to the electorate.

Zanu PF like many African revolutionary movements fought and dethroned imperialism, but did nothing to effect decolonisation.

A decolonisation process facilitated by Zanu PF was not aimed at destroying imperialist domination in all its forms and thus simply corresponded to a transfer of political power from the colonial bourgeoisie to a national ruling class elite.

As such, Zanu PF remains the greatest culprit to the contemporary generation of having failed to live according to the dictates of what they fought for.

The party remains excellent only in the facilitation of the transition from colonialism to neo-colonialism.

The party’s claims of having participated in the national liberation struggle against colonialism remain empty words and without significance if the claims miserably failed to be translated into a real improvement in people’s living conditions.

Zanu PF has failed the crucial test for post-colonial development.

It serves no purpose to liberate a country if its people cannot have at their disposal the basic necessities of everyday life.

The party failed to position itself as an indomitable party effectively impossible to challenge, because even after 33 years in full control, they cannot meaningfully entice people with developmental engagements they indulged in, that were pragmatic in the transformation of people’s lives. 

It has always been the engagement of moribund policies detrimental to the citizens’ potential.

History is filled with a graveyard full of self-styled realists, among them Napoleon, Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin.

In Africa deranged ‘realists’ like Kamuzu Banda, Mobuto Sese Seko and Idi Amin died after their toxic attempt to effectively privatise their respective States into private property.

What is more exciting about all the mentioned figures was their limited scope in undermining the will of the people.

When the will of the people coupled with their desires to be free, to choose their destiny and decide the fate of generations to come arrive, monetary or material or guns and bayonets, may restrain citizens from claiming what rightfully belongs to them.

“Ian Smith’s propaganda effort failed despite his regime’s superior resources because in the end the people could not be fooled any longer.

“The truth triumphed. People spoke to each other and they knew what the reality of their lives was like because they experienced it,” wrote Fay Chung in the foreword of a book entitled None But Ourselves by Julie Frederiske.

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